You Can Make Your Career a Success in 2020 with the Top 8 Cybersecurity Certifications

While companies have recognized the importance of cybersecurity, there are still many that need professionals to deal with these threats. If a business owner wants to ensure that their company is protected from cyberattacks, they should hire the right people. This is where cybersecurity certifications come in. It will be easier to get a job as a cybersecurity professional if you already have one. There are many certificates we could list, but we will only focus on the most important cybersecurity certificates you can get right now.
1. Certified Cloud Security Professional – CCSP
Certified Cloud Security Professional, or CCSP, is one of the most important cybersecurity certifications you should know about. It is offered by (ISC.2) and is intended for intermediate- and advanced-level cybersecurity professionals. If you are interested in this credential, it is important that you have some cybersecurity experience before you apply. This certificate requires a lot of hard work and commitment. It is easy to study for the (ISC)2CCSP because you can access resources from anywhere. This certification is perfect for individuals in security management, enterprise architects, systems architects, security administrators, and other positions.
2. Offensive Security Certified Professional – OSCP
Next up on the list is the Offensive Security Certified Professional credential (OSCP). This credential focuses on the skills required to understand the lifecycle of penetration testing and how it works. The Offensive Security Organization offers the certificate. It is also known as the ethical hacking badge. It will allow you to perform attacks and control them to identify any vulnerabilities in the system. This credential is a valuable asset for any company.
3. GSEC Security Essentials – GIAC Security Essentials
GIAC offers this cybersecurity certificate. This credential is offered by GIAC and is intended to allow candidates to understand information security concepts. The GSEC badge means you have the technical knowledge and skills in various areas such as protection against wireless attacks and password management. It is an entry-level certification but it doesn’t mean it won’t be difficult to earn it. You will need to put in the effort and learn well.
4. Security+
CompTIA is a popular certification vendor in the IT industry. CompTIA is a non-profit organization, which makes it even more special. Security+ is one of many credentials it offers. This badge is a must-have in our list of the top cybersecurity certificates. It is believed that anyone who holds it has high-tech skills and expert knowledge in cybersecurity. CompTIA Security+ is different from other cybersecurity certifications because it has been approved and certified by the United States Department of Defense.
5. Certified Information Security Manager – CISM
The Certified Information Security Manager credential (CISM) is given to individuals who are responsible for developing, managing, and overseeing information security systems for various applications. Any CISM must also develop the best security procedures to protect the organization. The Information Systems Audit and Control Association introduced the certification in 2003 and it has been a great help to many specialists. This certification is for those who are interested in cybersecurity but are having trouble finding the right certificate. Obta

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