Ten Companies Hire Data Scientists in 2022

You are likely to meet a data scientist if you have ever met one.
Data science is one the fastest-growing areas of the tech industry. The benefits and job opportunities make it clear why. Data science jobs are well-known for their high starting salary, high job satisfaction, high demand, and high job satisfaction.
Among many metrics (ours, LinkedIn’s and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), data scientist is currently one of America’s most in-demand occupations. There’s no end in sight. Machine learning engineer is one of the top five most in-demand tech jobs this year. A data scientist’s relatively high starting salary is one of the reasons that there are few similar growing jobs.
Data scientists and other big data professionals not only have the best fundamentals of what makes a great job but the best, most forward-looking businesses in the world are those that hire them.
Who are the companies that hire data scientists?
Diffbot’s report on the staffing of the top tech companies around the world revealed which companies are hiring data scientists and other roles closely related to the profession.
Let’s dive into the report to find out which 10 companies will be hiring the most data scientists in 2022.
Which companies are looking for data scientists?
1. Accenture
63,206 data employees
Accenture, an Irish company with offices around the globe, is the top pick for this year’s list. It is not surprising that Accenture, an Irish-based company with offices around the world, has the highest number of data scientists.
Accenture’s rapid growth over the past few years is one of the main reasons for this shift. Accenture has acquired 11 companies in different countries since the COVID-19 pandemic. These include cybersecurity companies and cloud computing companies.
Accenture will continue to invest in the cloud and focus on IT, so we can expect to see increased demand for data scientists.
2. Tata Consultancy Services
40,525 data employees
Next is Tata Consultancy Services, an Indian IT company. The company was founded in India but has offices on every continent, including the United States.
It is not surprising that the company’s success in the past year has been correlated with an increase in data employees at Tata Consultancy Services. It was the first Indian IT company with a market capital of more than $200 billion.
3. IBM
35,986 data employees
IBM was one of the first tech companies to be established and it continues to be one of the largest employers of tech workers. IBM is best known for its hardware production, but it has been investing in new technologies over the past few decades, including data software, which requires a lot of data scientists.
4. Citigroup
30,548 data employees
Citigroup, an investment firm that provides commercial banking services, is a notable exception to this list of top five.
Being an investment bank requires data scientists, analysts, and data analysts who can create algorithms that manage risk assessment for clients and the company.
5. Deloitte
29,436 data employees
It’s not surprising to see Deloitte on the list, which is the largest consulting firm in the world. Deloitte provides financial audits, consulting and risk advisory. Data scientists are heavily involved in all aspects of Deloitte.
Deloitte, a global company with over 110 offices in the United States alone, offers data scientists employment in a variety of markets.
6. Infosys
28,760 data employees
Next is another Indian IT company. Infosys is a little behind Tata Consultancy Group when it comes to market cap, but not as far when it comes to data employees.
There are many opportunities for data scientists in the United States, as the company has offices around the globe, including in North America and Europe. The company offers a range of services, including cloud, analytics, engineering, digital marketing, and all things that rely heavily on data.
7. JPMorgan Chase
26,758 data employees
No. 7 is another one of the four major American investment banks. 7 we have another of the four major American investment banks. JP Morgan Chase is actually the largest bank in America and has just over 26,700 data workers at the moment.
The majority of the company’s offices can be found in Manhattan. However, there are also U.S.-based office locations in Chicago, Phoenix and Dallas.
8. EY
25,510 data employees
EY, formerly Ernst Young, is one of the more unusual companies on this list. Although it is a consulting firm, it focuses primarily on tax services audits as well as general company advisory.
The company has offices around the world, but there are many in the U.S. that are located in smaller and medium-sized markets such as Tucs.

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