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What is SAP Plant Maintenance?
SAP Plant Maintenance (PM), a section of the SAP ERP Central Component, (ECC), provides industry guidance to manage machines or systems. SAP Plant Management is used to perform assessments, corrections and maintain operations. The SAP Plant Maintenance Component allows you to report SAP issues, track rates, manage worker schedules and inventory, and can even track rates.
SAP PM is widely adopted by companies due to its many functions. There are many SAP PM job vacancies across different industries. SAP PM can be sub-divided into many roles that a candidate could apply depending upon their interests, pay scale, work experience, and many other factors. We have listed the roles that SAP PM is recruiting for and the responsibilities expected from the selected candidate in this blog.
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Roles in SAP PM
Maintenance Planner – The SAP Plant Maintenance maintenance planner plans maintenance operations based upon pending loss statistics. The maintenance planner is responsible for improving maintenance requirements, order structure, capital, and scheduling tasks to be completed in.

Maintenance Manager – In-Plant Maintenance. The maintenance manager is responsible for monitoring expenditure, cost, as well as other maintenance responsibilities that arise from maintenance updates. The maintenance manager is responsible for all business maintenance operations and is also responsible for all functions. The maintenance manager is responsible for all aspects of staff management in the plant and maintenance section. This includes roles-recruitment assessments as well as assigning duties to service distributors or vendors.

Maintenance Supervisor – The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the job is done on time. It acts as a point for coordination between staff, customers, suppliers, and other companies. The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for regulating order-related funds adjustments to ensure that employees survive under the allocated allowance shield.

Maintenance Engineer – The Maintenance Engineer is responsible for designing the mechanical frameworks and validating the productivity and servicing of technical antiquities. The maintenance engineer is also responsible for master data-Material bills and maintenance timelines.

Technicians – In SAP Plant Maintenance the technician is responsible for performing routine maintenance activities. Technicians are given various assignment orders. The day condition is delegated for Repair Work Orders.

SAP PM Consultants are considered to have the right knowledge in SAP Plant Management processes. Expertise in Inventory Handling, Factory Repair, Preventive Repa, and Other Related Tasks

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