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In the past few years, there has been a huge increase in demand for Salesforce Certifications-certified professionals. Professional certifications can help you gain more visibility, better opportunities, and new jobs within your industry. Certification distinguishes you in today’s highly competitive world as someone who is serious about applied learning. This makes you an asset to potential employers.
These certifications can be very difficult and may require a lot more effort along with the right revision strategy. Only the right resources can help you pass such exams. We have the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administraton Ultimate cheat sheet for you. This Cheat Sheet will help you pass the exam with flying colors. Let’s start with an overview of the exam, then let’s dive into your revision strategy.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Overview
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Exam is designed for administrators who are able to configure Marketing Cloud products using industry best practices. Candidates are familiar with the data structure used in subscriber data management and can navigate Setup. Certified Marketing Cloud Administrators are able to troubleshoot account arrangements and user requests.
Skills acquired
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrators will have the following skills:
First, knowledge of compliance and governance with reference to digital marketing
Identify security best practices in data management, users, permissions, and other areas.
Thirdly, Implementation account configuration, including business unit structure, permissions and security
Also, Management subscriber data
Further, Evaluate data quality
Configure Marketing Cloud products are also available (studios, builders)
Troubleshoot account configurations and user requests
Account (Super Messages Users, Activities, Account) monitoring (auditing and reporting, notifications).
Furthermore, you will be able to learn about the Marketing Cloud extensions products and features (Datorama Interaction Studio, Audience Builder, etc.).
Knowledge of Marketing Cloud integration options (FTP API, MC Connect, MC Connect) are last.
Who should take the exam?
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator is for administrators who have the ability to configure Marketing Cloud products using industry best practices. These are the prerequisites to the exam:
First, you should be familiar with the features and configuration options in Marketing Cloud.
Secondly, you should be able maintain Marketing Cloud, respond to common business needs, and perform administrative tasks within Marketing Cloud.
Thirdly, you must have 3-6 months of experience in managing a Marketing Cloud instance and previous experience with digital marketing.
Cheat Sheet: Salesforce MarketingCloud Administrator
It can be difficult to revise for an exam. If you follow the right steps, it becomes much easier. We have provided our Cheat Sheet for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam to help you get started.
Exam Objectives
Reviewing the exam objectives should be your first step. Before you start revising for the certification exam, ensure you have all current exam information. Certification exams are constantly evolving with new technology. Your first step should be to visit the Salesforce Official Website and ensure you are on the same page with the vendor. If you don’t have the latest exam information, then make sure to get it. You should also be clear about the exam objectives, as they will play an important role in your revision journey. These are the exam objectives:
Digital marketing proficiency
Being able describe governance and com

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