How to Build an Agency Sales System (with Lee Goff, Marketing Agency Coach).

Ben Aston is joined by Lee Goff, Digital Agency Coach, Automation Consultant, and Founder of As they share their tips and tricks for creating effective sales systems that convert leads into new business, you can listen to them.
Interview Highlights
Lee was offered a job at a technical company in 2000. It was an internet system app at the time, but now it is a cloud-based app that can be used for dining reservations. [0:47]
He was then promoted to executive level in another Oklahoma City company. They hired a company that would build them a web app, but the company did illegal activities. It tried to extort money from them. [1:02]
Lee was awarded his first contract in March 2003. [1:42]
Lee decided to leave in June 2016. He took some time off, visited his family, and had some health problems. [2:46]
Lee carved out a niche for himself on Infusionsoft. They were the largest Infusionsoft certified partners at the time and are still the largest. [3:43]
Lee tried something a little different in his first few years of managing his agency. He was on a mission for his leadership team to be found. He was on a mission finding the person who would run sales without him, to find his operations manager, and to find the one person who would provide all technical advice and oversight. [5:44]
It is so important to have a vision and a purpose beyond money or profit.
Lee Goff During his first two-and-a half years of coaching, he was a bit of a watcher. He built one of most advanced and largest marketing automation companies in the world. He simply looked at the needs of everyone and identified the pain points. [14:18]
Pillar One: Lead magnet and lead source diversification. [14:55]
Pillar Two: The ability to quickly and aggressively manage your website’s call to action. [16:18]
Pillar Three: To have an advanced prospect screening process. [17:28]
Pillar Four: Tracking and measuring success with your KPIs. [18:22]
Lee visits Facebook, Google, Instagram to do some paid traffic. Referral partner marketing will be his preferred source of traffic. [20:38]
It was built in a way that automation can take care of everything. It just leaves enough personal touch, the relationship-building phase, consultative, and the stuff we all love doing out there talking with other business owners. Then it wraps it up.
Lee Goff Guest Bio
Lee Goff is an entrepreneur. He grew up in the Deep South and was raised in Pascagoula in Mississippi by people who taught Lee to work hard and do the right thing.
In 2003, he founded his first agency, GETUWired. After building it into a multimillion-dollar agency, winning Infusionsoft Innovator of the year in 2013, Top Company Culture – Entrepreneur Magazine in 2015 and Infusionsoft Elite Business of the year finalist in 2015, he decided to retire.
He followed the Infusionsoft leadership’s advice and began to hand off leadership responsibilities. He eventually retired from the agency in 2014. In June 2016, he sold the shares to his long-term partners to continue his passion for mentoring small businesses.
Since his exit in 2016, he has devoted all of his energy to creating and implementing guaranteed methods to make it easier, scale, run, and possibly sell a successful agency more quickly, more enjoyable, and still very profitable.
They believe in the vision you have and are able to get along talent because they share it. They see.

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