Blueprint for an IT team that will scale with your business

Share this post:As an entrepreneur, you know that people are the foundation of any great team. It’s almost impossible to achieve your organizational goals without a committed, talented team.

However, leaders must build teams that will collectively take a company to the next level. It’s not your imagination, if you’re curious. It is more difficult to build a team that can scale in IT. It’s not about finding people who have the technical knowledge to build and maintain your IT systems. Here’s a guideline to help you ensure your team can scale to meet the needs of your business.
Step 1: Obtain the key roles on board
Although every organization is different depending on their industry and size, there are some common roles. You may initially have one person who handles multiple roles. As you grow, you may need a whole team to handle each role (e.g. a manager plus multiple engineers/analysts). All of these roles will report to a Director or IT, a CIO or similar title.
Download the rest of this guide to learn more about the roles of your IT team, and how to scale them. You’ll learn:
For current and future growth, organize your team
Engage and be productive through quality training
How do you get started?
Get the guide here.

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