Basic Life Support Course – Prevention is always better than cure

Basic Life Support (BLS), is a course that teaches people how to deal with life-threatening situations. These trainings can be provided by medical personnel that may include paramedics, technicians, and medical personnel.
Basic Life Support is designed to provide immediate and effective care to cardiac patients suffering from cardiac arrest or choking. American Heart Association AHA introduces the certification and training is provided by doctors and other medical staff. Basic Life Support course is designed to identify Ventricular fibrillation, which is the leading cause of cardiac arrest.

Cardiovascular Diseases
Numerous studies have shown that cardiovascular disease is responsible for more than half the diseases that humans suffer from. Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the developing world, especially in the developing countries.
High blood pressure and Coronary Heart disease are two of the most common diseases today. Congenital heart disease affects only 1% of babies born in developing nations, while rheumatic disease is more common in school-aged children.
Who should take the Basic Life Support Course
Basic Life Support is beneficial for all people, not just healthcare professionals. It helps you deal with panic situations. These are the main benefits that administration and videos will bring to your life:
The candidate will be able use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
Demonstrations of cardiac compressions for infants and adults
How to instantly relieve choking in all ages
How to provide adequate ventilation using Adjunct devices or Ambu bags
The Basic Life Support course lasts 4.5 hours. Candidates will receive a certification from American Health Association. For more information about the course or to find a reliable training provider, please email [email protected]

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