Implementation of NAT Gateway

Exam Objective The topic “NAT Gateway” focuses on the Design and Implementation AWS Networks, as highlighted in the AWS Blueprint exam guide. What is NAT Gateway? This appliance connects instances in your private network to the internet. Instead of exposing private instances in the private network directly via the Internet gateway all traffic can […]

Impact of machine learning on cloud computing

Machine learning and cloud computing are two of the most important technologies in today’s technology-driven world. Cloud computing technology has been around for a while. Machine learning technology is relatively new but it has managed to attract the attention of a global audience. Machine learning tools are a technology-based concept that you should be familiar […]

What Does It Take to Become a White Hat Hacker?

For those who are interested in problem solving, communication, and IT security, ethical hacking is a great career choice. This is how to become a white-hat hacker. IT security professionals then use the results of these penetration tests to fix vulnerabilities, strengthen security, and reduce a company’s risk components. Penetration testing is not an informal […]

What is HTML?

HTML, also known as Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), is the standard markup language used for web pages and online apps. You can see the four letters at the top of a web page if you right-click and hit inspect. But what is HTML? What is HTML used for? What is it used for? And […]

What is Functional Programming? Why use it?

It can be difficult to decide which programming paradigm or programming language to learn if you are just starting to learn how to code. Functional programming is a good option if you are looking to learn a programming paradigm that is relevant to today’s tech landscape. Functional programming is a simpler, cleaner, and easier way […]

What is the EC-Council CASE Java Examination? Here are some facts and tips

Application Security is rapidly becoming a highly sought-after skill in the industry. Organizations risk losing millions of dollars due to security breaches that could occur at every stage of application development. The EC-Council Java certification for Java validates the skills of candidates in creating secure and robust Java applications. This certification will help you to […]

What is CSS?

If you are looking for ways to learn code, then this is the place to start. CSS and HTML are where you should start. These two entry-level frontend languages are essential for learning how to code, and will be invaluable in your career as a software developer. HTML and CSS are so common that many […]

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