Why is the CHFI Certification necessary for Computer Forensics Investigation?

Computer Forensics, a branch of IT security, deals with investigating cyber attacks and gathering evidence to present in court. This is an interesting and challenging career path. The CHFI certification gives you the foundation for a rewarding career. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) is an advanced level EC Council certification that prepares individuals to be cyber warriors who hunt down and uncover cyber criminals. It is the most sought-after certification in computer forensics.
No matter how large or small the organization, hackers or malicious intruders are a common enemy. They target confidential and business-critical data. Businesses discover a critical need when trying to protect their data. Talented individuals with knowledge in internet security and hacking are required. Computer Forensics investigators with CHFI certification analyze digital evidence and gather it for prosecution. CHFI certification holders have the ability to analyze complex cyber evidence and find and book the most dangerous cyber offenders. Law enforcement agencies, defense and military sectors as well as legal practices and IT security firms are hiring CHFI-certified individuals.
CHFI: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator – $96,000Source: Payscale.com USA CHFI Training
To pass the certification exam, it is important to be trained by an EC-Council approved training partner. Koenig is an authorized and trusted training partner of EC-Council. They offer in-depth training on CHFI certification. Koenig was also named EC-Council Authorized Training Center of 2014 and awarded the EC-Council Circle of Excellence Award 2014. Koenig also has the largest number of. a team of certified trainers in-house who are experts in their respective fields. Register at Koenig today to ensure a 100% pass rate in your CHFI exam.

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