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Web SolutionsWeb Reach Tech is an outsourcing organization. Its excellence is built on the foundation of its strong processes, which cover not only the software engineering and build processes but also the HR systems and other professional support services.Software Engineering & Build Systems at Web Reach Tech cover the entire project life cycle. The needs analysis stage concludes with the development of a prototype.The formal sign off on the prototype signals the start of the build process. +91-11-Web45671605, +91-Web9136347374
The construction stage involves periodic customer reporting.Such reports cover the status of:-Activities planned for the prior week.
Detailed documentation of functionality implemented in the prior week.
Details of activities planned for the upcoming week.
Any issues which would require customer inputs or result in delays.
Project Status and Client Review Dates.
The construction stage concludes with the deployment of the application on the staging server. The customer is given training in the use of the application. Next, he is given access to the staging server to test out the application and also seek clarifications where ever required. The acceptance stage concludes with the customer sign off and the deployment of the application on the production server.
Graphics Designing E-ecommerce SolutionsWeb Designing Offshore OutsourcingWeb Development Seo Consulting HR Systems cover the all important people aspect.These processes work at both the micro as well as the macro levels and ensure that right people get inducted into Web Reach Tech and further assigned to the projects. Staff training and productivity measurements form an integral part of our HR processes.The Professional Support Services relate to the environment build up and other IT infrastructural requirements, these aspects if explicitly recognized and provisioned ensure high productivity and efficiency and in a major manner reflect the success of the outsourcing assignments.Web Reach Tech is committed to providing value to its customers. Towards this support and maintenance forms a significant component of its service portfolio. Please feel free tocontact us or mail to [email protected]

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