Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2019

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report Understanding threats can help you manage risk more effectively
The attackers are motivated and the threats are real. There is something that can stop them from stealing your data. It’s you and your security teams, with the insight, perspective and tools to take immediate action. All that you need to know is right here.
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Summary of major findings
The DBIR continues to provide comprehensive data-driven analysis on the cyber threat landscape. The 2019 report contains the following major findings:
Free Internet Security Threat Report Putting business sectors under the microscope
This year’s report highlights the most serious threats facing each industry and provides guidance on how companies can mitigate these risks. Every year, we analyze data and alert companies to the latest cybercriminal trends. This allows them to refocus security strategies and protect their businesses from future cyber threats. Even though we see new targets and attack locations, the criminals’ tactics remain the same. Businesses, large and small, must ensure that their customers’ data and security are protected. Sartin says that cybercrime is often deterred by even the most basic security measures and common sense.
(The full report may contain additional findings for each industry.
Deeper insights are possible with more data from the largest number of contributors.
Sartin adds, “We are privileged that we include data from more contributors than ever before and had the pleasure to welcome the FBI into our fold. We are able to share the valuable insights from our DBIR Research because of the participation of our renowned contributers. We thank them all for their continued support, and we welcome other organizations around the globe to join us in future editions.
This 12th edition of DBIR is the largest ever. It has 73 global contributors since its inception in 2008. It analyzes 41,686 security incidents. This includes 2,013 confirmed breaches. Verizon saw an increase in contributors, which resulted in a significant increase in data to be analyzed. This data totaled approximately 1.5 billion points of non-incident data.
The report this year also features new metrics and reasoning that help identify the most lucrative services for attackers to scan for and attack at large scale. This analysis is based upon honeypot and internet scan data.

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