Thursday is the new Friday (Book Review).

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Joe Sanok’s book Thursday is the New Friday: How To Work Less Hours, Make More Money, and Spend More Time Doing What You Want is available at
The scourge modern life is long working hours. You are more likely to develop chronic diseases and burnout.
More tech means more messages and the feeling of being constantly connected. It sure feels like I never get to the end of my To Do List.
The five-day work week is a historical construct.
What if we worked less?
If we want to, we should be able change the work week.
This book will teach you how to increase psychological flexibility, question the industrialist mindset, and create a work schedule that prioritizes what is most important to you.
It’s ultimately a book about your life goals and how to make them happen.
Part 1 focuses on developing inclinations and habits, and taking an “outsider” approach to changing your thinking about work.
Part 2 encourages you slow down and gives you tools and techniques to do so.
Part Three explains the concept of a four-day week and explains how it works.
You will find questions and tests in the book to help you understand how your work hours and productivity are structured. It will encourage you to rethink what you think about yourself, especially if it is a lot about ‘the hustle’ and worrying about whether your boss will see you as a good worker.
Instead, you should be focusing on earning ROI for your efforts. Stop wasting your time on things that don’t work for you. Instead, focus on earning ROI for your time.
It’s time to rethink your priorities and increase your income if you charge for your services.
These books seem to be targeted at consultants, counsellors, independent practitioners, and other people who can dictate their work hours. You might find some ideas that you can adapt to your workplace as a leader. However, I can see that you won’t be able to simply tell your boss that you don’t want to work Fridays, but still want the same pay.
This book could be useful if you’re a side-hustle owner or a business owner.
Although I believe the book contains some post-covid efficient work practices, it is possible that you will already be familiar with some of the ideas if you are used to working in a project environment. In agile approaches, the concept of Minimum Viable Products (MVP) is well-established.
Thursday is the new Friday: How to work fewer hours, make more money, and do what you want.
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Thursday is the new Friday
Joe Sanok’s book Thursday is the New Friday: How To Work Less Hours, Make More Money, and Spend More Time Doing What You Want is available at
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