Three Effective and Efficient Training Delivery Methods You Must Be Aware Of!

Each person must go through the learning phase in which he learns to perform specific tasks and duties in society. This training might take place in a structured and well-organized environment that allows him to practice and improve his skills for the job. The training process can be done in a classroom, in the playground or in other places.
Without being asked and trained, no one will be able use his skills in the right direction for the correct task. Without proper training, many organizations don’t make the most of their employees’ skills and abilities. This is a major reason why many companies fail to utilize their talents and capabilities. Training is essential for employees to have the knowledge and skills to do the job correctly. It also helps to motivate them to be more productive and efficient. This is done using a variety of methods, depending on the job and the task.
This article will discuss the main methods of training and their merits.
1. LED Training for Instructors or Classroom
This is one of the most popular and well-known training methods used by trainers. It is not as easy as you might think. However, it incorporates several methods for multiple purposes.
Blackboard or whiteboard Training: While you may think of it as the traditional method for teaching and learning, many organizations still use it to provide more effective training. Employees retain information for a longer time if they write on the Blackboard/Whiteboard.
Overhead Projector: This technique is ideal for those who want to create a more engaging and colorful learning environment. PowerPoint presentations have almost completely replaced projector learning.
Video Putin: The trainers communicate the learning and lessons with the help different videos that relate to the subject matter of learning for employees.
Story telling: When you tell a story and it is retold to the learner, it is a way for him to relate it to his life experiences and understand its moral.
Advantages of Instructor or Classroom LED Training
Trainers and employers can easily give the material to large and small groups of employees at once.
Face-to-face training is where the trainer can communicate directly with the trainee and give him instruction.
It can be difficult for trainers to keep people’s attention. Storytelling makes it easier for employers.
It saves the organization a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on professional training.

Disadvantages of Instructor or Classroom LED Training
Sometimes it is difficult for the trainer to maintain the interaction.
If the lecturer is inefficient, there will be no benefit to the training.
Trainers may have to organize training sessions for trainees who are located at different locations.
Your trainers can learn the science and art of public speaking.

2.Interactive Methods:
Training without interaction is useless for both the organization and the employee. Trainers must ensure that employees are engaged in every activity they conduct. These methods can be used to improve the training interaction.
Quizzes: It is important to conduct short quizzes between training sessions if you are implementing a complex training program. This will help you determine the employee’s understanding level.
Small Group Discussions: You can create small groups of trainees to foster understanding and cooperation by sharing situations and other topics for brainstorming. This helps employees improve their communication skills and team building.
Case Studies: Employees learn to solve problems by solving various case studies that relate to the situations they might face in a job.
Active Summaries: Ask your groups to select a leader to represent them and sum up the learning from the training session.
Q & A Sessions: The trainer and the trainee can have an informal or formal session to answer questions and clarify any ambiguities regarding the training.
Interactive sessions can be a great way to bring joy and fun to the training in a professional setting.
Old employees will be able transmit and forward information to newer employees.
Interactive sessions allow trainees to give immediate feedback.

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