This Week: A Look at Cloud Certs

In all honesty, you can’t go wrong pursuing cloud certification. You should do your research before investing time and money. Cloud certs may work better for you than others.
We looked at the most popular cloud certificates, and concluded that they are well worth earning.
Is AWS SysOps really worth it?
System administrators today need to be able to understand the cloud. AWS SysOps Associate is a great place to learn cloud skills.
Is AZ900 worth it?
Microsoft seems to make the most changes to Azure-based certificates, out of all its role based certificates. Or, in certain cases, new exams such as the AZ900: Azure Fundamentals exam. We wanted to see if it was worth it.
CBT Nuggets offers security-training
Start trainingIs JNCIA-Junos Worth It?
Cisco is still the leader for networking certification. But don’t overlook Juniper. Juniper-exclusive shops require IT professionals to fill these roles. JNCIA-Junos certification may be worth your efforts.
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