The New Palo Alto Certifications – PCCSE & CSAE

Learn everything you need about the new certifications, PCCSE and PCSAE
You must have heard of 3 Palo Alto Certifications, i.e. PCCSA, PCNSA, and PCNSE are all Palo Alto Certifications. However, technology is all about growth and development. Palo Alto certifications added two more to the list: PCCSE and PCSAE.
These certifications have been officially launched and are available for qualification exams. Although the design of the certification exam is very similar to PCNSE, the objectives are quite different.
These certifications are intended to validate expertise in their respective fields. There are many things you need to know about certifications, but let’s first introduce Palo Alto Networks.
Palo Alto Networks – The roots of Palo Alto Certifications
It is not surprising that the entire world has gone online. This includes shopping, money transfer, business and personal exchanges, storage, sending, and even storage. Networks, servers, cloud, and other technologies have made us all so dependent on them.
The sad truth is that not all people are nice. It is important to stop disruptions from gaining access to your personal data.
This is where Palo Alto Networks enters the picture.
Palo Alto Networks, a multinational company, focuses on security of networks, clouds and whole cyber objects. The company is well-known for its innovative cybersecurity products, and is therefore well-established and popular in the IT industry.
All types of organizations, from large companies to start-ups associate with Palo Alto Networks in security concerns.
They realized that there was a need for professionals to help them with their products. Palo Alto Networks created certifications to verify the skills needed to deal with firewalls or other security infrastructure.
Previous Palo Alto Certifications
Palo Alto Networks had already held 3 certifications before these two new certifications. All of these certifications were classified in three levels.
#1 Entry-level
PCCET: Palo Alto Networks Certified Entry-Level Cybersecurity Technician.
#2 Administrator
PCNSA: Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administration
#3 Engineer
PCNSE: Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer
All of these certifications are highly sought-after and well-respected. There are now five Palo Alto certifications.
New Palo Alto Certifications – 2020
Palo Alto Networks launched the new certifications in November 2020. These certifications are for cybersecurity but validate different skills.
These certifications are:
PCCSE: Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer
PCSAE: Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Automating Engineer
Both certifications are in the expert category, which certifies you as a professional and highly-skilled cybersecurity expert.
It is a relatively new certification that has gained great credibility in the IT industry. This certification eventually leads to great career opportunities.
Both certifications verify the ability to use, handle, and learn Cortex XSOAR and Prisma cloud respectively. Both technologies are highly sought after these days.
The details can be found in the following sections.
There are many career options for those who have received PCCSE and PCSAE certifications
There are many career options available after Palo Alto Certifications. These certifications are the only option.
PCCSE & PCSAE certified professionals can join as:
AppSec Engineers
Cybersecurity Architects
Administrator for Cortex XSOAR
System engineers
Team leaders
It is important to remember that these are not the only positions or designations. A PCCSE and PCCSAE certifi can be used as well.

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