Templates for Projects Offer More Flexibility

We’re sure you’ve done a great job organizing the tasks of your team if you used ActiveCollab to manage them. It should be as easy as reciting huskies and setting due dates. There’s now a faster way to get work done. Have you ever used project templates? You can upgrade your project templates to a whole new level. Less copying, more automation
Although templates are great, until recently the only way to use them in a project was to apply them. It’s human nature to forget things, such as adding a template to a project. This would make it impossible to start over and create a new project. You can now add as many templates to your project as you need. The “Apply Template” option will save you the hassle of searching for, moving, or copying these task lists. You don’t have to look for them, move or copy them all the time. A template could be used for web pages, meetings, logo design, and social campaigns. You could create a template for logo design, web pages, social campaigns, meetings, and more depending on what you have agreed upon with your client. You could also create dependencies between tasks and assign them, set estimates and create recurring tasks. There are many options, and it is up to you and your team to decide how the templates will be created. It allows you to choose the date that the template tasks will take place when a template is applied. This makes it easy to schedule future work.
All of these new options are directly based on the feedback from our customers! Many teams have indicated that they would benefit from further automating their day-today tasks. If you have any suggestions for how ActiveCollab could be a better assistant for your projects, please let us know. We are happy to pass your feedback on to our development teams. Enjoy the new feature, and please share your experience with us!

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