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Do you want to be a Salesforce Integration Architecture designer? Here’s a quick overview before you take the final exam. You are in the right place. The Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer Cheat sheet will be your key to achieving this credential. This Cheat Sheet will also be your information treasure as it gives you access to all the resources you need to pass the exam. Before we get into the revision process, let’s take a look at the exam details.
Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer: Overview
The Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer Certification exam measures a candidate’s ability to communicate technical solutions to technical stakeholders effectively and present a project delivery structure that ensures quality. Salesforce Integration Architecture Designers evaluate the integration requirements to create secure and scalable solutions that combine the Salesforce Platform. The designer has extensive experience in designing and implementing complex integration models on different platforms. They also communicate the solution and design tradeoffs to both business and technical stakeholders.
Skills and knowledge required
The Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer Prerequisites Are as Following:
You can create high-performing, secure and reliable integrations with Lightning Platform and other enterprise software.
Analyze the existing and future state integration architecture.
Create and maintain the Integration Architecture blueprint.
Integrate with other enterprise apps and cloud applications.
Communicate architecture design effectively to different stakeholders at multiple levels.
Use best Domain practices for integration
Architect robust and scalable security mechanisms to interfaces.
Who should take this exam
The Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer Exam is designed for specialists who can assess the architecture environment and requirements, and then design sound and scalable technical solutions to the Salesforce Platform that meet all end-to-end Integration requirements.
Cheat Sheet| Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer
The following Cheat Sheet will help you prepare for the Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer exam. This Cheat Sheet will help you get this highly valued certification.
Exam Objectives
Reviewing the exam objectives should be your first step. Before you start revising for the certification exam, ensure you are current with all exam information. Certification exams are constantly evolving with new technology. The Official Salesforce Website is your first stop. Visit the site and compare if you are on the same page. If not, make sure you have all the latest exam information. Recent updates have been made to the exam objectives. The Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer Course includes:
Assess the Current System Landscape: 8 %
First, you need to identify the current system landscape. Next, determine the boundaries, limits, and protocols. ( Salesforce Documentation: Pattern Approach)
Secondly, analyze the existing system landscape to identify any potential problems or constraints that could be used to meet a business need. Salesforce Documentation: Integration Practices and Patterns
Thirdly, based on the system landscape, evaluate the authentication/authorization needs.
Assess Business Needs: 11%
To start with, you will need to identify the functional and non-functional requirements that are required for integration.
Then, Based on a given integration requirement, identify and classify data into Confidential/Secure/Public.
Additionally, using a use case, identify key elements that will help CRM succeed.

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