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Are you interested in becoming a Salesforce Field Service Lightning consultant? Are you looking to improve your career and pass the Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant exam? We have the Advanced Study Guide for you. This guide is designed to provide you with the best preparation materials to pass the exam. The study guide also provides detailed steps to help you prepare for the Salesforce Field Service Lightning consultant exam. Before you begin your preparations, let’s take a look at the details of the exam.
Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Exam
The Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultantprogram validates the expertise of qualified implementation partners, partners, administrators and is designed to assess their ability to deploy Field Service Lightning within an organisation. After passing the Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning certification exam you will be able design and deploy solutions that support customer business requirements and processes using Field Service Lightning products, managed packages, and Field Service Lightning Mobile applications.
Who should take the exam
Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning consultant exam is for consultants who have the required experience in implementing Salesforce Service Cloud or Field Service Lightning. You will need to have experience in the field of mobile solutions and a solid knowledge of Salesforce core object models to be a Salesforce consultant.
Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Eligibility
These eligibility requirements will make you eligible for the exam.
First, 1-2 years experience as a business analyst
Second, 1+ years of experience in the field service industry
Lastly, 2+ years of experience in services and support
Roles for Intended Jobs
This exam was specifically designed for the following:
Consult with a Consultant to get started
Secondly, Mobile Solution Designer
The System Analyst was then appointed.
Furthermore, Technical Architect
Service Cloud Administrator is also available.
The Field Service Operations Manager will be appointed.
Service Desk Manager
Study Guide for Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Exam
This Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Study Guide will give you a brief overview of the entire exam program. This guide is designed to provide you with a step by step guide and expert exam preparation guide. It is designed to help prepare you for the exams. We will now guide you through the learning materials and provide guidance on the preparation steps. Let’s get started, so don’t delay.
Step 1: Deeply understand the Exam Objectives
Experts say that when preparing for certification exams, don’t overload your brain with too many questions. Anxiety will result from too many questions. We are certain that anxiety is something you don’t want. Clear your head first. Next, you need to fully understand and analyze all of the exam information. Check that all information is current. For a review of the concepts covered, refer to the exam guide. These domains are covered in this exam:
Domain 1. Domain 1.
This exam covers the concepts of comparing static and dynamic crews. Next, you will need to determine when and how to set up different resource types. Given a scenario, identify the appropriate Service Territories and their members. Explain the relationships between time sheets and timesheet entries, service resource, and Work Orders. Demonstrate your ability to use skills, skills levels, and time-based abilities. Demonstrate how to use operating hours to access service resources, accounts, work orders, booking appointments, and manage service requests. Finally, identify the differences between FSL license types.
Domain 2. Domain 2.
This domain is primarily focused on the topics of Configuring Work Order Processes, Parameters, and

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