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Are you a Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant? Do you need a strategy to pass the exam? Then look no further. This Cheat Sheet will provide you with all the necessary preparation materials. The Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Certification may also open doors to new opportunities, greater visibility, and better job opportunities in your industry. Before we get into the revision process, let’s first take a look at the exam details.
Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Exam Overview
The Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant Exam validates the expertise of qualified implementation partners, partners, administrators and is designed to assess their ability to deploy Field Service Lightning within an organisation. You will also be able to design, deploy, and support customer business processes using Field Service Lightning products, managed packages, and Field Service Lightning mobile applications, if you pass the Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning exam.
Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Eligibility
These eligibility requirements will make you eligible for the exam.
First, 1-2 years experience as a business analyst
Second, 1+ years of experience in the field service industry
Lastly, 2+ years of experience in services and support
Roles for Intended Jobs
This exam was specifically designed for the following:
Consult with a Consultant to get started
Secondly, Mobile Solution Designer
The System Analyst was then appointed.
Technical Architect
Service Cloud Administrator is also available.
The Field Service Operations Manager will be appointed.
Service Desk Manager
Cheat Sheet for Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant
This Cheat Sheet will help you prepare for the exams. We will now guide you through all the learning materials to enrich your revisions, and add this valuable credential to your resume.
1. Begin with the Exam Objectives
Experts say that when revising for certification exams, don’t overload your brain with too many questions. Anxiety will result from too many questions. We are certain that anxiety is something you don’t want. Clear your head first. Next, you need to fully understand and analyze all of the exam information. Check that all information is current. For more information, refer to the Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Exam Guide. These domains are covered in this exam:
First, Managing Resources: 16%
Compare static and dynamic crews. (Salesforce Documentation:Create Service Crews
How and when to create different resource types. (Salesforce Documentation – Create Service Resources for Field Service
Given a scenario, determine the Service Territories and their members. (Salesforce Documentation – Create Service Territories for Field Service
Explain the relationships between timesheets and timesheet entries, service resource, and work orders. (Salesforce Documentation – Create Time Sheet Templates, Time Sheet Fields, Guidelines for Creating Field Service Work Orders)
Demonstrate the ability to use skills, time-based skills, and skill levels. (Salesforce Documentation:Guidelines for Creating Skills for Field Service)
Demonstrate how to use operating hours to service resources, accounts, and work orders. (Salesforce Documentation:Guidelines for Creating Operating Hours for Field Service)
Differentiate between FSL license types, and when to deploy them. (Salesforce Documentation – Manage Field Service Permissions).
Secondly, managing work orders: 23%
Configure Work Order parameters, Work Types, and Work Processes. (Salesforce Documentation:Customize Work Order Settings for Field Service,Create Work Types for Field Service)
Given a s

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