Quick Start for the ‘Most Popular Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), published a Quick Start for Amazon Redshift. The cloud giant described it as “the most popular, fastest growing cloud data warehouse”
This new guidance is an automated reference deployment that uses AWS CloudFormation templates for Redshift deployment on AWS. It follows AWS best practices in the Quick Start program.
Redshift is used by more than 15,000 customers of AWS, according to AWS. It is two times faster than any other cloud data warehouses and 10 times faster that it was two years back.
AWS announced the new Quick Start. “Amazon Redshift” is a fast, fully-managed data warehouse that makes it easy and cost-effective to analyze all of your data using standard structured queries language (SQL), and your existing business intelligence software. It allows you to run complex analytic questions against petabytes structured data using sophisticated query optimization, columnar storage, high-performance local disks, as well as massively parallel query execution.
[Click on the image to see a larger view.] Quick Start architecture for Amazon Redshift (source: AWS). “Managing traditional data warehouses, especially large datasets, takes a lot of time and resources. Additionally, it is expensive to build, maintain, and grow self-managed, on site data warehouses. Amazon Redshift significantly reduces the operational overhead and cost of a data warehouse. Redshift Spectrum also makes it possible to analyze large amounts data in its native format without the need to load it.
To use the Quick Start, you will need to download the appropriate AWS CloudFormation templates for automating deployment. After that, architecture and details guidance will be available along with a deployment guide.

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