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I answered a question on PMI member forums. I wanted to share my response:
Subject: Critical Chain Project Management
Anyone have any experience with this PM approach/toolset? It has been proclaimed the savior for project management by many people. Unfortunately, the largest proponent I met believed that a Project Plan was all that is needed to manage projects. He also expressed enough negative views about PMI and the PMP designation that it was difficult to believe that his information was true.

Any validation beyond anecdotal evidence of its effectiveness is welcome.

RE: Critical Chain Project ManagementPosted on 01/18/2007 by Joshua Nankivel
I have never had the chance to implement critical chains on any other than very small projects. However, I can provide you with some great resources by pointing out individuals and organizations who have achieved success in critical chain project management.
1. The PM Podcast Episode #57. – I don’t recall which examples Alan cited, but I could be wrong. For more information, you can contact Alan Elder at Cornelius’ email address. The Critical Chain Yahoo Group has many active contributors who use critical chain daily. The Boeing whitepaper can be downloaded upon request. I received it and found it to be a great overview of critical chain in real projects. Excellent writing. More case studies Another case study
I would also add that I have encountered articles and people who seem overly confident in critical chains. It has great potential, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. I look forward to using it on larger projects in future.
Critical chain project management is another topic I frequently write about on my blog. If you are interested in critical chain management, or project management in general, I would recommend it!
Josh Nankivel
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