PMI Global Congress 2008: Debrief PMI New Media Council (from right to left) Hal Macomber (left to right), Elizabeth Harrin (right), Dave Garret (right), Chalyce Nollsch (right), Cornelius Fichtner, Chalyce Nulsch, Chalyce Harrin, and Josh Nankivel (not shown: Jerry Manas and Raven Young). I’m back from Denver, and had a great time. I was able to meet with some amazing people in project management over lunch or dinner. Here are some highlights:

  • The other members of the PMI new media council. I have been a long-time admirer of many of their websites and it was great getting to know them. Here’s the team I’m excited about being a part of:
  • Hal Macomber
    Reforming Project Management
    Cornelius Fichtner
    The PM Podcast
    Elizabeth Herrin
    Project Management: A Girl’s Guide
    Dave Garrett
    Project Management 2.0
    Chalyce Nollsch
    Bistro for Project Management
    Jerry Manas
    Raven Young
    Raven’s Brain
    Josh Nankivel
  • Talking for a while with Max Wideman and Tom Mochal, Dennis Stevens and Aaron Smith, among many others.
  • Janice Thomas and Mark Mullaly, VoPM study representatives, met with the council. They were available to answer questions from the council about the study.
  • Greg, CEO of PMI. Greg and I discussed PMI’s future strategy and we had the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback. I suggested that PMI work with thought leaders in new methodologies like Critical Chain, Lean and SCRUM, as well as other Agile methods. It seems like they will be doing some of these things with the Virtual Communities (at minimum with Agile). I hope that PMI will lead the effort to distinguish the PMBok (which, as a framework/standard, is different from other methodologies). They would be able show how the different methodologies fit together with the PMBoK in this way and that they are not competing models. I didn’t feel Greg was willing to seek out thought leaders in these different methodologies more broadly. But maybe I didn’t explain myself well.
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