Is Workplace Surveillance Digital Dirty?

Many companies and individuals use workplace surveillancetools and software. There are many factors that lead to this, and we will discuss them in the next sections. There is no doubt that workplace surveillance is essential due to the changing dynamics, security concerns, and data breaches. Termination of Employees According to reports, employees are being fired […]

Is Agency Automation the Future of Work?

Marketing is the most important industry in which time is money. While agencies have faced dramatic changes in their billing, from more complexity to tracking contractors to shifting staff capacity, many owners, project managers, and senior leaders have failed adapt to these issues, never mind taken steps towards capitalizing. HubSpot’s recent survey found that leaders’ […]


IPECC is the acronym for Initiating Planning Executing Controlling Closing. Initiating Once a project is deemed feasible, a project manager will be selected and the project charter is created. Planning Gee, I wonder what people do in this group. They plan how the project should proceed. Planning is an iterative process that allows project managers […]

Gambling or investing in a project?

Every project, regardless of whether it is explicitly stated, is either an investment, or a gamble. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which project is which. Both cases involve putting your time, effort, and resources at risk. In both cases, you expect to reap the benefits of the venture. These two cases are different […]

Time Management to Achieve Success in a Project

Time Management to Achieve Success in a Project Time management is an essential function of a manager or project manager. It ensures that all tasks are completed within a defined time frame for greater success. Time Management is the analysis and management of how tasks are prioritized and how working hours are spent to maximize […]

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