My Work EAP, Storage Add-on, Self-hosted ActiveCollab 7.0

These months are about ongoing projects. It takes time to tackle the important areas that we are working on. Here’s what we are working on: My Work makeover
Notification bell
Storage add-on
My Work
We are launching the Early Access Program and we would love to hear your feedback. Contact us if you would like to apply to be among the first to test it. Tasks will be organized by project and task lists, which can be collapsed. We know that not all tasks require your immediate attention. Therefore, hiding and filtering them will help you focus on the important things at any given time. Notification bell
We talked about cleaning up the task mod’s code in our last recap. We’re now doing the same with our bell. It will run faster and perform better overall. It will be available for testing immediately by Early Access Program participants.
We have great news for our annual subscribers! Soon, you’ll receive an additional 25GB. All monthly subscribers will get an additional 25GB if they upgrade to the annual plan. You can also purchase additional storage. Here’s a quick overview:100GB – $49 per month or $490 annually
300GB – $99 per month or $990 annually
500GB – $149 per month or $1490 annually
All ActiveCollab subscribers get 100GB of storage space. We say no storage anxiety, and yes to adapting your space to make it more comfortable. ActiveCollab 7.0
We released ActiveCollab 2.0 to Self-Hosted users in September. They received a nice feature pack, including the new column view and budget alerts, the Xero upgrade and a smarter date chooser. You can read all about it here. Uptime
The results of the work we did in the last few months are already visible. This is a 10% increase in performance. We plan to maintain a 99.99% uptime in September and keep it that way. Coming up
All of the above! We look forward to reading your comments on the redesigned My Work. We’re continuing to improve the app and will be watching for your feedback.

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