How to Answer Project Management Interview Questions

A project manager must be able to communicate, organize, and solve problems. This is how to display all that during an interview.
You know exactly what bad interview answers you should avoid as a project manager job candidate. (“My greatest weakness is that I am a perfectionist!”
It can be difficult to prepare for the questions that hiring managers will throw at candidates to see how they are doing. It’s important that you are prepared to demonstrate to hiring managers that your communication skills, problem solving and negotiation skills, as well as your leadership abilities, are all qualities that project manager job candidates need to be ready for.
Hiring managers don’t want candidates to be stumped by their clever questions. Our 2021 Recruiting Strategies survey (methodology below), found that more than half the recruiters surveyed believe that filling job openings takes longer than usual and that there is a shortage of qualified job candidates. Do you not think they would rather hire someone who can successfully answer their interview questions about project management so they can hire the qualified candidate (you)? Then, they can move on to the next job.
It’s not just a time-consuming and laborious process for hiring managers. According to Indeed, the average job seeker spends between 5-10 hours preparing for a job interview. We’ll show you how to make the most of your preparation time so you can be ready for the interview and get hired.
How to answer 7 common interview questions about project management
To prepare for something that may not lead to a new position, it takes almost a whole day of work. It is likely that you will have to go through multiple interviews before landing your next job. This extra time can add up and drain your resources. It is important to prepare for multiple interview as project managers in the most efficient manner possible.
Interviews should not be an oral version the PMP exam. Our 2021 Emotional Intelligence at Work survey (methodology below), found that less than 10% were certified or planned to become certified.
What is the PMP?
The Project Management Institute offers the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. It certifies that candidates have the soft skills and technical skills to manage projects. Learn more about the PMP exam and the PMP certification. This means that proving your technical skills and certification is more of a checklist item than a way for you to stand out from other candidates.
A good project manager interview is more about your soft skills, such as how well you can manage a team, communicate and mediate, than about your ability to budget and schedule or expressing your enthusiasm about agile project management.
Ferenc Csizmas from Budapest, a PMP, said that “In general, (a candidate’s) responses should indicate (they’re) a problem-solver, and ethical person and handle people well.”
This is how you show the decision-maker that you are a team player and can lead successful projects. (No sweat, right?)
These seven interview questions for project management will help you stand out and get a callback after your next project management interview.
Let’s get started.

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