How Amazon Rekognition Works

1. Introduction2. What is Amazon Rekognition3. Type of Analysis Amazon Rekognition 5. Common Uses of Amazon Rekognition6. General Architecture Using Amazon Rekognition API7. Conclusion8. CloudThat9. FAQs1. Introduction
Computer vision algorithms have seen a boom in commercial use over the past two years. This could be for self-driving vehicles, national security or healthcare. However, it requires a deep understanding of the algorithms, which Amazon Rekognition may be able replace.
2. What is Amazon Rekognition?
Amazon Rekognition, a Computer Vision service fully managed by AWS, uses highly scalable deep-learning technology to analyze images and videos. Amazon Rekognition can solve many business problems without the need for expert machine learning.
Amazon Rekognition can instantly analyze any image or video file. This service can identify objects, people and scenes, as well as text and inappropriate content. Upload a photo or video to Amazon Rekognition API and the service will recognize objects and text as well as people, scenes, activities, and other details. It can detect inappropriate content and you can enforce policies or comply with regulations.
3. Type of analysis
These types of analysis may be performed by the Amazon Rekognition Image or Video API.
Amazon Rekognition can detect inappropriate or offensive content in images, videos and audio. Use DetectModerationLabels to detect potentially dangerous images. StartContentModeration can be used to detect hazardous recorded videos.
Amazon Rekognition can detect and convert text in images into machine-readable text. DetectText can detect text in photos.
Celebrities: Images and videos of thousands of celebrities can be saved to Amazon Rekognition.
PPE is personal protective equipment. Amazon Rekognition can detect PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), worn by humans. Amazon Rekognition can detect, for example, headcovers, hand covers and face covers. Amazon Rekognition checks if a piece or personal protective equipment (PPE), covers the correct body part. For those who have been detected, there are bounding boxes and PPE gear. To detect PPE in images, use DetectProtectiveEquipment.
People paths: Amazon Rekognition can track people spotted in saved videos.
Faces and Face search: Images and videos created with Amazon Rekognition can identify faces. You can collect information about the faces in an image or video. Facial landmarks such as eye position can be used to detect emotions such as happy or sad. Amazon’s Rekognition. To detect faces in photos, use DetectFaces. StartFaceDetection is a tool that can be used for recognizing faces in saved videos.
Amazon Rekognition allows facial recognition. Facial data can be indexed into a collection that serves as a storage box. Faces can be linked to the collection’s face data by being identified in photos, archival videos, or live videos. DetectFaces can be used to identify faces in photos. StartFaceDetection is a tool that can be used to search for known faces in saved videos. Finally, CreateStreamProcessor can be used to search live video streams for known people.
Labels and Custom labels: A label can refer to any object, event, concept, or activity. Amazon Rekognition can detect labels in images and videos. DetectLabels can be used to locate labels in images. StartLabelDetection is a tool that allows you to locate labels in videos stored.
Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels can identify goods and scenes in images that are specific to your company’s requirements.
4. Amazon Rekognition:
These are some of the benefits that Amazon Rekognition offers:
Deep learning-based image, and vide

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