Five Reasons Companies Hire Certified Ethical hackers

Share this post: For decades, investigators and law enforcement have relied on undercover agents to crack the most difficult cases. What better way to learn about criminals and their crimes than to put someone on the front lines and allow them to act like them and share information with the “good guys”?

With the increasing reliance on ethical hackers and certified undercover agents, the same principle is being applied to information security. Although the term “ethical hacker”, may seem absurd, there are skilled individuals who are willing and able to use their hacking skills to help organizations identify security weaknesses and fix them. CEHs attack networks in the same way as hackers would. This allows companies to protect their data and not rely on guesswork or assumptions to choose security measures.
These insights may seem like a reason to hire an ethical hacker. However, many companies are still reluctant. There are many good reasons to have one in your company.
1. Certified Ethical Hackers allow you to play offense against hackers
As we have mentioned, a certified ethical hacker (also known as a pentester or penetration tester) provides an additional layer of protection against cyberattacks on your network. IT security is dependent on protecting against known threats. This is why we keep an eye on virus and malware definitions and adjust firewalls as needed. Someone who has completed ethical hacker training can help you defend against hackers. They can identify vulnerabilities before hackers do. This gives you the chance to strengthen your defenses before they become a problem. A CEH will also confirm that your methods are working and allow you to concentrate on other priorities.
2. Certified ethical hackers must report their findings
It is easy to find a hacker willing to work with you in order to test your system. To truly test your defenses, you might even consider hiring a black hat hacker. You can be more confident that the hacker will follow a code and that they will honor it if you are working with an ethical hacker. This means that the hacker must share all of his or her findings with your organization, good and bad. Although hackers can still break the code of ethics, it is unlikely, especially if you work with a CEH who is respected.
3. Certified Hackers Limit Your Liability
Working with a CEH can help you limit the risk of data security breaches and minimize your exposure to liability. You can show your commitment to security by doing your research and ensuring that all outside security testers have the ethical hackers certification. Clients will likely be less hostile if you disclose your testing results to them if they find out that you are using a certified hacker.
4. CEHs are up-to-date on the latest technology and methods
Technology changes quickly and it can seem impossible to keep up. Working with a CEH gives you assurance that you are protected by the most recent technology and methods. Some of these methods may not be known to your IT security personnel. Hackers won’t divulge their methods, but a skilled hacker will use the same methods as criminals and have insider knowledge about how hackers work. They have to be able to recognize these things and keep their training current. You are getting this expertise when you hire a CEH.
5. Ethical hackers reduce losses
Two ways to reduce your losses in the case of a breach are to work with an ethical hacker:
Hackers may be able find vulnerabilities faster than you, which could prevent an ongoing attack.
You can ask an ethical hacker to provide a fidelity/honesty bond for employees or any other insurance coverage that will reimburse your company in the event of losses.
Although it may seem odd to hire a hacker, it is quickly becoming a common security practice. Hackers can find vulnerabilities faster than defenders, much like how an undercover officer can catch criminals quicker than uniformed agents.

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