Course for Air Traffic Controllers – Certification Course to a Job with Great Responsibility

Controlling air traffic is one of the most challenging and stressful tasks because it requires total concentration from the controller. Unforgiving mistakes or unobservant behavior could cause massive chaos and destruction.
Air traffic Control enforces Traffic separation rules to ensure that the aircraft has enough space and is not in danger of being hit by other aircraft. Air traffic control is responsible for preventing air traffic collisions by keeping aircrafts at a safe distance. The center controllers assist pilots to maintain the altitudes. Air Traffic Controllers must deal with and monitor the changing weather.

The Air Traffic Controller Course is designed to give air traffic controllers the necessary skills and techniques to be able to analyze and measure the weather conditions. The controller must direct the pilot to make the right moves and get them out of trouble in the event of unwelcome or unexpected situations. The aircraft must be able to adjust its speed, altitude, or speed to accommodate sudden and severe weather conditions like rain, snow, ice, winds, lightning, etc.
Air Traffic Controller Course teaches you how to assess the air traffic situation.
Radar: Radar allows you to gain an enhanced awareness of the situation in assigned airspace.
Flight Data Processing System: This system includes all data directly or indirectly related a flight. This data is then displayed in operational display systems so that controllers can access it.
Minimum safe altitude warning (MSAW: This tool alerts you if a flight is flying at or near the ground.

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