Program Management: How to manage multiple projects

What is program management and why is it so important? Are you looking to advance your career in project management? Program management could be the next step. Program management is about helping an organization achieve its overall business goals through ongoing strategic initiatives. These initiatives are multi-faceted and involve many projects that all tie together. […]

How can Cloud Computing help farmers increase their production and save water/energy?

Many industries are benefiting from cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. This blog will discuss how these technologies can be used to help farmers with things such as farm monitoring and control and weather prediction and management of disease and pests, […]

How Amazon Rekognition Works

TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Introduction2. What is Amazon Rekognition3. Type of Analysis Amazon Rekognition 5. Common Uses of Amazon Rekognition6. General Architecture Using Amazon Rekognition API7. Conclusion8. CloudThat9. FAQs1. Introduction Computer vision algorithms have seen a boom in commercial use over the past two years. This could be for self-driving vehicles, national security or healthcare. […]

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