Book review: How to get your next job

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Are you wondering if your job search is going according to plan? This is How to Get Your Next Jobs: An Inside Look at What Employers Want by Andrea Kay will help you relax or highlight areas that need improvement.
The book begins by explaining what employers are looking to hire. She explains that employers look for people who are friendly, have a sense humour, can fit in with company values, and can get along with others. She writes:
“What is your fitting? The culture. The company’s core values. The way things are done in the company. Although it can be difficult to describe, employers will know if you fit in.
The ‘Would You Hire Me?’ test The ‘Would you hire me?’ test
Kay offers several questionnaires and exercises that will help you identify your strengths as a candidate. It’s basically a test to determine if you would hire yourself for a job and, if so, to help you pinpoint your strengths. A cup of tea is the first thing you need to do the exercise. This is a great way to begin any self-assessment. It also tells you a lot more about her writing style.
She offers several tips for applying and interviewing, including the ability to show that you are:
Good judgement is essential
Are willing to learn
They are easy to use
Can be open to feedback
Know about the company and are interested in the industry
Avoid defensive and immature behavior.

Your presentation and how you present yourself to an employer must match what you tell them in your application. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good communicator and know what you want. Then you send a letter filled with spelling mistakes asking for information about the jobs available.
15 Things to Avoid in an Interview and Beyond
There are several chapters in the book that list 15 things you should do when searching for a job, including 15 things to avoid during an interview. Here are some:
Do not act naive and unprepared. Kay tells the story about a lady who showed up at interview and asked the interviewer for the position she was applying for.
Don’t be late: 97% respondents to the Kay survey said that being late would make it difficult to get the job.
Kay cites another study that showed self-promoters received higher ratings in interviews than candidates who were more humble about their accomplishments.

The book concludes with 15 things you should never do after you get a job. These include not assuming that someone will look after your career. This is very important advice. This is very pertinent advice. You are responsible for your next career promotion. Don’t expect it to be handed to someone else.
Present your best self at interview
Kay suggests that you dress for success in your interview. This is not (I hope) news to anyone. She quotes a variety of recruiters who differ on the appropriateness of suits or ties for men. It really depends on the company. She writes that most of the clothes women wear in work situations are unacceptable. “It’s television. Not the real thing.” She advises that you call the recruiter to inquire about the dress code if in doubt. Different industries and people will have different expectations.
She also offers some tips on not acting too old. She means that you shouldn’t expect to be hired by someone younger when you go to an interview. She suggests that you don’t show technical hesitation or a lack of familiarity in using new technology. You should also show a willingness and ability to learn. Don’t tell your interviewer stories about how you know everything.
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