AWS Wins With Cal Poly, Ancestry

Two other high-profile companies have joined the list of customers who have committed to “all-in” with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), announced this week that it is migrating “all core apps” to the AWS cloud. AWS is also helping the school to create a “Digital Transformation hub,” which will be a platform built on AWS that will help California government agencies transition to cloud computing.
Cal Poly is a major customer win for AWS, especially for its public sector arm. It is one of the most STEM-oriented universities in America. Its migration will include its security systems, data warehouse and database services, mobile apps, learning and content management, payroll applications, student advising, and scheduling applications.
Cal Poly, which boasts upwards of 24,000 students and faculty, sees the move as a financial decision. As a result, the school will reduce its infrastructure spending by $3.5million over the next three-years. Cal Poly was also spared from spending $8-10 million on a datacenter upgrade, which it estimates would have cost $8-10 million.
AWS won another major customer earlier in the month., which offers genealogical tracking and genomics services for more than 2.6 million users, stated that it plans to “migrate all its applications and data to the AWS cloud over this year.” is a large company with a lot of data. This means that it has unique needs. The company has more than 20 billion records, which amounts to 10PB of data. This includes DNA information and photographs as well as birth, death, and marriage certificates dating back to the 13th century. Machine learning and analytics are used by the company to make this data available for its customers. The company performs over 75 million searches per day.
“With our continued growth, migrating the cloud provides us clear scalability, security advantages,” stated Nat Natarajan (’s executive vice-president of product and technology). “AWS gives us the flexibility we need in order to remain at the forefront consumer genomics as science and technology continue to evolve rapidly.”
Natarajan, an employee, stated that spent six months moving its data stockpile to AWS from a Salt Lake City-based datacenter. Natarajan said that 8PB of data has been moved and 6PB images have been transferred to AWS so far.
AWS’ “all-in” list of customers includes Netflix and The Guardian, 3M and Nordstrom, Live Nation, Live Nation, The University of Notre Dame, Live Nation, Live Nation, Live Nation, and McKinney, Texas. Dunkin’ Brands, The New York Times and other notable customers have announced significant investments in AWS.

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