AWS Certification and Cloud Computing Jobs: The Impact

2020 Impact of AWS on Cloud Computing Jobs
Amazon web services (AWS), certifications are a hot trend in cloud computing. These courses are created, compiled, then sold by Amazon around the world.
The AWS series offers many courses that provide detailed, accurate and comprehensive learning.
This course requires that you dedicate a lot time and effort to it. If you take it seriously and become AWS certified, you will be able to benefit in terms of salary and employment.
54% of cloud architects are AWS certified.
Hence, why is the weighting of AWS certifications in the cloud computing industry so important?
Amazon Web Service Certification in Cloud Computing Careers
* Adding value and substance to your resume
A certificate in their field of expertise is valued by 9 out of 10 employers. It grabs the attention of the hiring managers quickly!
An AWS certificate shows that you are committed to your profession and are constantly learning about cloud computing.
* Increased market appeal
AWS certification can help you get higher-paid positions in an organization. You can negotiate higher wages if you are a certified holder and attend interviews.
47% of those who responded to a survey said that they received a raise in their pay after becoming AWS certified.
* More opportunities
Many companies have adopted AWS technology, and many more are on track to adopt this technology. This technology opens up many job opportunities in these companies. The demand for AWS professionals has increased 400% in the last five years. This will allow for more job opportunities for AWS certified candidates.
* Boosting your career
Many cloud computing professionals praise AWS certification. They also believe that a formal education and degree is not comparable to an AWS course.
Attaching an AWS certificate to your resume is like honey that attracts bees, i.e. the employers. AWS certification is a guarantee of a long-lasting career.
AWS (Amazon Web Services Certifications) You Need to Consider
AWS Solution Architect Certification
AWS Developer Associate Certification
AWS SysOps Associate Certificate
* AWS is the preferred option
Although there are many cloud computing platforms, such as IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, many organizations prefer AWS because it offers a stable and secure platform. Multiple security layers protect the data that is fed into the Amazon data center. Regular audits and reviews are performed to ensure that the infrastructure of the data centre is secure.
* Affordable and possible
AWS courses can be purchased easily at amazon and are affordable. This course does not require any specialized training. You don’t have to be at work to attend lectures. You can learn online at any time.
This cloud computing platform is also cheaper for organizations, and there are no minimum purchase costs.
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AWS is the most popular cloud computing platform and well-known because it was the first to launch in the cloud computing market. It did this seven years before Microsoft Azure and other cloud computing courses. AWS has a third-place share in the cloud computing market, while Microsoft Azure only has an 18% share.
It’s never too late to become AWS certified. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of AWS certification if you make a commitment to the course.
You can learn AWS Training to become certified if you are interested in a career in cloud computing or enhancing your existing career. Click Here to learn more about AWS courses or chat with an expert online.
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