Quantum Corp. Introduces AWS Data Deduplication Service Quantum Corp. has introduced three new solutions to help users customize cloud deployments to their specific needs. This avoids the “one-size fits all” approach. It also offers a data deduplication service that works with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Quantum, which is a specialist in data protection, scale-out storage, archive, and data protection, announced that Q-Cloud Protect for AWS, Q-Cloud Archive, and Q-Cloud Vault, will allow users to integrate cloud deployments into multitier, hybrid storage architectures. AWS is an Amazon Marketplace subscription service that adds new capabilities to DXi deduplication appliances. Customers can now replicate data from any on-premises or virtual appliance to a virtual DXi instance on AWS. Quantum stated that the key features of this service include:

Access to the Amazon public clouds and its benefits is easy, without requiring any changes to your applications or processes. The most efficient data deduplication method allows for cost savings. AWS GovCloud provides support for U.S. federal customers Secure encryption of data at rest and in transit Q-Cloud Archive provides quick access to cloud data, […]

AWS is preferred by Python programmers according to a survey of Python developers. While they don’t use a cloud platform all the time, most respondents prefer Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) when they do. The 2018 Python Developers Survey surveyed more than 20,000 developers in more than 150 countries. This revealed that 55 percent of Python users prefer AWS to cloud platforms. The second place is Google Cloud Platform, followed by DigitalOcean and Microsoft Azure. A third of respondents don’t use any cloud services. [Click on the image to see a larger view.] Top Cloud Platforms (source : Python Software Foundation). “In addition to the popular cloud platforms mentioned above, we identified OpenStack and Linode getting 6 percent each, OpenShift 3%, and Rackspace 2%,” the report continued. The report also contains other cloud-related insights:

47 percent of respondents said that when running code in cloud production environments, they do it in: virtual machines (47 percent); containers (40 percent); on a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) (28 percent); serverless (21 percent); other (2 percent); none (13 percent). These are the top five answers to “How can you develop for cloud computing?” These include: […]

‘Pure” Public Clouds Found to be More Secure Than Hybrid, Private

Contrary to popular belief, public cloud environments are less vulnerable to security breaches than private cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments. This is one of the key findings from Alert Logic’s latest “Cloud Security Report” (available here after registration). The report analyzed nearly 4,000 Alert Logic customers’ data between August 2015 and January 2017. Co-founder Misha […]

AWS Virtual Private Cloud

Related: What You Should Know About VPC Security Groups Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), clouds are often classified as one of three types: private, hybrid, or public. However, there is a fourth type: the virtual private cloud (VPC). A VPC is an isolated virtual segment within Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS VPCs are most commonly […]

CPENT (Certified Penetration Testing Professional), The Ultimate Pentesting Certification

Course DescriptionEC-Council has introduced its new CPENT certification as the “Ultimate Penetration Certification.” This announcement is made along with the retirements of 2 EC-Council Programs: ECSA ( EC-Council Certified Security Analyst ) and APT. The certification aims to reduce the gap in skills and map the job roles of security analysts and penetration testers. It […]

COVID-19 is not a match for cloud growth

Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft, the cloud giants, are flourishing despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has halted other industries around the globe. After the top vendors released their earnings reports, market research groups Synergy & Canalys published their quarterly cloud market share analyses. Matthew Ball, Chief Analyst at Canalys, summarized the results in […]

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