Assess your workplace for its efficiency and effectiveness.

Do you see an incubator of efficiency in your workplace? It is designed to encourage collaboration, productivity and innovation.
Or do you see an old relic of an office that is cluttered with obstacles to effectiveness and conspiring to crush the spirit of employees and hinder your organization’s goals?
How would you know the difference?
These differences may not always be obvious, but they are crucial that you as a small business leader or project manager identify them so that you can optimize your workplace.

If your workplace is not designed for efficiency and effectiveness, you could lose both money and employees to inefficiency and workplace stress.
You need to understand what an efficient and productive workplace looks like. You won’t know how your workplace compares to others if you don’t.
Don’t panic, though. Keep following me and we’ll look at what makes a workplace efficient and effective.
What factors influence workplace efficiency and effectiveness
A productive and effective workplace is dependent on many factors, including the software you use, the people you work alongside, the socio-economics, and the ergonomics of your office chairs.
You would need to hire a full-time expert in workplace efficiency to cover all aspects. We focused on three key indicators that indicate an efficient workplace.
Why is it so important to have a productive and effective workplace?
There are many reasons to set up your workplace for maximum efficiency.
The most obvious reason is the first. Your employees will produce better work if they have the infrastructure and tools they need to do their job efficiently and effectively.
Next, we have to think about employee satisfaction.
According to the 2016 Staples Business advantage Workplace Index, almost 75% of North American workers stated that their employer didn’t provide them with the technology and tools they needed to perform their job effectively and efficiently. 65% also said that workplace stress had affected them.
Here’s the important finding: Nearly half (47%) North American workers stated that they are motivated to find another job because of the stress and inefficiency at work.
The second reason is that your employees will leave if you don’t provide them with a modern and efficient workplace.
How efficient and productive is your workplace?
What did you do? Comment below with your results and make sure to mention the areas that need improvement. I would love to hear from you and offer suggestions on how to improve your workplace so it is happier and more productive.
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