Anti-money Laundering Courses – Designed to Empower the Policy Making Authorities

A social problem in a particular area is defined as something that is undesirable or not accepted by the residents. The world is moving in a multitude of directions, with optimism and pessimism blending into a sea of activities that collectively reflect the values and norms. The same is true for a society or state. The Middle East is a border between Egypt and Western Asia. It is well-known for its many qualities, including the abundance of education and the cloud of natural resources like oil. However, there have been numerous social problems in the region, such as money laundering and illiteracy. These factors adversely affect the lives and livelihoods of those who live in the region.
Money laundering is the act of presenting money obtained illegally in a legal manner. In simpler terms, it is also known as the art of making black money clean. The money laundering bulletin in UAE has reported more than 479 cases. These reports led to the creation an absolute committee to fight the cause of money laundering. Anti-money Laundering is the set of laws and procedures that have been established to stop the production of illegal currency. There are many anti-money-laundering courses available in the Middle East. They are taught both online and in universities to give people the knowledge, acts, and tools necessary to stop money laundering.
Anti-money laundering training courses were specifically designed to empower policy makers and authorities. Below are a few examples of anti-money laundering training courses.
ICA’s International Diploma in Anti Money Laundering
NasdaqDubai offers a Diploma in Anti-money Laundering
PWC academy, Dubai offers compliance and AML training for Middle East Financial.
CCL academy Middle East offers anti-money laundering awareness courses


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