An IT Pro’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide

This post was shared You don’t have to buy someone a gift they won’t love when you can program their Alexa device so that it tells them a joke every morning. You’ll be amazed at how much your uncle will appreciate you making the icons on his phone larger. Sometimes the smallest things can make all the difference. This IT pro guide to holiday gifts will help you win the hearts of your end-users.

With summer over and the holiday season upon us, it is this time of year that I think about my grandma. Her delicious apple pie, her house filled with holiday trinkets and how she managed to get herself into credit card fraud. It’s amazing. Grandma would give her credit cards number over the telephone to anyone who asked. One person had opened and maxed out three credit cards in Grandma’s name. It was amazing how many times her identity was stolen.

Does she sound like someone you would like to help? Help this person! You can help this person by offering some advice.

For the more gullible people in your life:
Remind them not to give you their credit card number over the telephone – unless they are giving it to your company.
You should ensure that they don’t leave passwords or pin numbers on sticky notes at work.
Give them LastPass or a better password management program. Or, simply remind them to update their passwords regularly and then call them to help.

For malware-prone people:
What about a thorough computer scan? Get rid of their, ahem.
Choose your favorite anti-everything software, install it on the devices and set it to scan periodically.
Give them a Mac (kidding! ).

For the I’ve-got-a-smart-everything folks:
Mom bought a new smart oven but can’t figure how to set the time correctly. You can program it to her taste, write clear instructions, and stick them to the fridge alongside your old honor roll award.
Popular devices like the Echo Show are very popular in 2018. Teach dad how to use it during work hours to call you 10 times per day.
Let them know how to make it easier. Is your nephew a keen cook? He likes to cook? Your news-lovers can customize their browser homepages to include their favorite sources and show them how to use bookmarks and apps like FlipBoard.

Seniors – Popular how-to guides
Teach grandma how take photos of her pets and to send them to her friends.
Make a simple guide for grandpa to the remote so he doesn’t miss his favorite programs.
If your uncle is still unable to add attachments to an email, teach him!

For your fellow pro:
The gift of knowledge is priceless, so why not give an ITProTV membership to your entire office? You can also give your entire office an ITProTV membership to help them grow their skills. ITProTV for Teams offers something for everyone: your security experts, your developers, your IT managers, and even your end users.

Bonus! Bonus!

This list will make people raving about it. “How thoughtful,” they’ll say. They’ll say, “It’s exactly what I needed.” You’ll be a holiday gift hero!

All the best from the ITProTV team for this holiday season.

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