Neon Theme

We now have a dark theme. A sight for sore eyes. Books and newspapers have been printed in the exact same way for centuries: black text symbols on white backgrounds. White backgrounds are the norm in software design today. This is due to a variety of reasons, with text readability and contrast being the most […]

Mobile Devices Boosting Workplace Productivity

Mobile technology is no longer used for personal purposes. Mobile technology is no longer used for personal use. Recent research shows that 69% of US smartphone users use their smartphones for work and coordination of face-to-face meetings. To address employees’ mobile tech needs, the latest mobile apps and services have been created. Mobile technology is […]

Marketing Automation eliminates manual work

Automatization is the process by which machines replace human labor. It typically refers to repetitive tasks that computers can do faster than humans. ActiveCollab was founded on this principle – automatization should eliminate as much mundane work as possible so that we can devote our time and effort to doing real work. In previous blog […]

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