10 Easy Learning Projects in Coding for Beginners

Are you a recent graduate of a coding bootcamp? Do you want to put what you learned into a simple coding project?
Perhaps you are an experienced JavaScript, HTML or CSS user and want to learn more.
A foundation in coding skills is a great way to get started in developing your own apps, games, and web tools.
Coding Dojo offers workshops that can provide some basic knowledge, but we recommend you go through a more targeted program to gain the skills and knowledge needed to tackle one of the project ideas below.
What is a Coding Project?
A coding project is an organized venture in which a group of coders applies their programming skills to a particular project. These projects can take anywhere between a few weeks and a whole year.
The ultimate goal of a coding project should be to improve your skills.
Your coding project might take longer due to new elements you add, unexpected errors or challenges that arise, or other time commitments.
It is important to remember that you want to complete the project. So, aim for something small and manageable at first.
These beginner coding projects are great ideas.
Top 10 Coding Projects For Beginners
A JavaScript game
JavaScript games can be used to create interactive and challenging JavaScript games, regardless of whether you are a gamer or not.
You can also integrate other programming languages like HTML and CSS. This gives you the opportunity to create certain functionalities (think running or jumping) and allows you to expand on some basic design elements using CSS.
You can also build a chess or tic-tac toe game.
Countdown timer/calculator
A calculator or countdown timer can be used to test your programming skills. You will need to create a layout, an algorithm that can process numbers, make calculations, and/or a calendar that counts down until a scheduled event.
You can expect to use JavaScript HTML, CSS, SQL and NoSQL in this type of project.
Make a conversion tool
Currency conversion can be an interesting project. However, you should also consider the fluctuating market value of currency exchanges. This will make it more difficult to track.
You can use static calculations to calculate distance, weight, and inches if you are creating a conversion tool for your code project.
Mad Libs
Did you know you can play Mad Libs with Python? It’s [adjective]!
Write a Mad Libs story to unleash your creativity. Then, use your Python programming skills and logic to create a Mad Libs video game. This tutorial is available.
Solve a GitHub issue
GitHub is almost certain to be familiar to coders. This is a platform that allows programmers to collaborate in real-time.
GitHub also offers a master list with graphs, algorithms, and text-based issues that you can use to build a program.
Create a simple app
The definition of ‘app’ can be quite broad. We recommend that you focus on something like a reminder program or to-do list where text can be entered, but not too fancy.
Random number generator
This is a great beginner coding project. It involves creating an app, but it has more static functionality than a JavaScript game.
This coding project will help you to master inputs and outputs, variants, integers, as well as other coding skills that can be used in future projects.
Web scraper
Another great Python project. Web scraping is a popular practice on the internet. It involves extracting site data and processing it. Then, you can apply relevant information to your research, assets, or other purposes.
Are you thinking about a career as a data scientist? A web scraper is the perfect project.
Create an eCommerce store
Shopify allows you to open a test store and start working! It takes a lot of code to set up your front-end shop. You also need to make sure that the back-end functionality works properly. Finally, you can create/adjust themes to modify the look of your website.
You can also create your own functionality on the website (or use existing code as a base).
Adjust image sizes
Digital images can be difficult to work with. They may not be the right size or orientation. You can alter and flip photos using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript.

How to choose the right Coding Project for you
When organizing and choosing a coding project, there are a few things you should consider.
What do you enjoy working with?
What problem are you trying to solve?
What are your long-term goals for the future?

By choosing a project that is related to something you are passionate about, you can help reduce the scope of your project. You may be interested in coding languages, hobbies, or passions. It can be fun to turn something you like into a coding project.

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